Kim Kardashian "Mommy Blog" Gets First Post

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Kim Kardashian is, as we all know, about to become a first-time mom, and has decided to document the pregnancy along the way with a "mommy blog". The first post was put up on Monday and has been well-received by her fans so far.

The entry concerns maternity-wear, which is of particular interest to those who are familiar with Kardashian's style of late. Rather than give up her racy clothes, she's just sort of found a way to drape them around the baby belly (think leather pants and see-through tops). But she says she's found a pair of jeans that are perfect for accommodating a growing bump and recommends them to all her readers.

"So I love sharing my favorite products and beauty and fashion tips with you all and I wanted to do my first mommy blog today to tell you about these new J Brand jeans I received," she wrote. "They are these super comfy maternity jeans with soft, stretchy side panels in the front and they are absolutely amazing! I feel like I’m back to my old self and I’m so happy! With this being my first pregnancy I’ve been finding it really difficult to find clothes that are comfortable and fit me well, but these are great. Are there any other moms to be out there who have tried these? I’d love to hear you pregnancy tips too!! "

So far the blog seems to be a hit with Kardashian's fans and has received about 45 comments so far.

Amanda Crum
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