Kim Kardashian Makes Fun of Sister's Shoes

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It's been made pretty public that Kim does't really keep her opinions to herself-especially those relating to her sis Khloé.

When asked a question on her Mobio INsider site about the sister with the "best shoes," the recently engaged star didn't hold back.

"She keeps the ugliest shoes u have ever seen! It literally puts me in a bad mood thinking about it."

And apparently the 33-year-old reality star wasn't scared of her big sister reading the remarks. It turns out, Kimmy actually wanted her to read the shoe question.

"I'm answering this in hopes Khloé sees this lol. Khloé & I fight every single time i go to her house bc she has the most shoes," she said.

"She is a shoe hoarder. She will buy the same pair of shoes in 5 colors," Kim went on to say about her sister's large shoe collection.

Kimmy did however throw out a few compliments to her other darling siblings, even giving a shout-out to her mom Kris Jenner.

"Kourtney has the best mix of shoes. My mom has great shoes. My little sisters have lots of boots and flats, which are cute on them but flats aren't my thing. sooooo I'd say everyone has very different shoe taste. I really like my shoe closet haha."

Maybe this is a little backlash towards Khloe for comments made in a recent skit that aired on Chelsea Lately. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star put together a funny clip with Jenner, picking out her flaws of favoring Kim and taking her to “court.”

“You know, I’m still third place. And I’m not trying to get to No. 1. I get Kim. No one can come between her golden goose,” Khloé said. “But second? I mean, Kourtney’s like watching paint dry. I don’t really get what I have to do to win a little attention here or there.”

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