Kim Kardashian Joke Now Awkward for Chris Pratt

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Kim Kardashian was just a young thing, not yet accustomed to the ways of reality TV, when she appeared in a film with Chris Pratt.

It was 2009. The film was called Deep in the Valley. The movie is about two guys who are magically transported to a world full of porn stars. Kim Kardashian had a small role. Pratt says of the film, "First time I was ever number one on the call sheet. But, uh, it is not good."

Pratt recalls Kim Kardashian from the film. "She'd never really done an acting gig before," he says. "She was so fucking sweet, and she was nervous."

Years later, Chris Pratt was starring on Parks and Rec when an ad-libbed joke about Kim Kardashian made it to tape. "It was a very, very funny joke," Pratt says.

In the scene, which never made it to television, Chris Pratt references the now-infamous sex tape that Kim Kardashian made. Within the outtake scene, the group was talking about "comeback stories." Pratt's character opined that Kim Kardashian was a "comeback story."

"In the video, she gets come on her back, I think."

He had been assured that the clip, considered a blooper, would never see the light of day. But it ended up on YouTube. and it got very popular.

Chris Pratt tells GQ that he bumped into Kim Kardashian on an airplane later, and he hoped she wouldn't notice him.

"So it's really kind of a bummer," says Pratt. "She probably doesn't know or doesn't care, I'm sure, but I don't like to make jokes at other people's expense, if I can help it."

Pratt rethinks that statement, and says it again in a different way.

"I like to keep my jokes about people safely way behind their backs. I'm a shit-talker, but if I'm gonna make a joke at someone's expense, I'll do it so that they can never hear it."

Since the YouTube video for that Parks and Rec clip has embedding disabled, here's the trailer for that porn-world flick Pratt was in. The full movie is available for free on Youtube, too. It's the least I can do.

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