Kim Kardashian Has Turned Her Famous Backside Into An Emoji

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Kim Kardashian has launched her own series of emojis, and in case her fans were wondering if they would ever be able to send someone a disembodied booty, well...the wait is over.

The brand-new "Kimojis" were officially launched today, but Kim gave fans a preview on Instagram over the weekend and racked up thousands of comments and likes as fans clamored for details. Included in the tiny figures are Kim's face, a red Solo cup, a donut, her own crying face, a corset, and beauty-inspired items like nail polish and a hair dryer.

The reality star has seen huge success in the app world after launching Kim Kardashian: Hollywood in 2014, and judging by the response she got on Instagram, the emoji app will likely follow suit.


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Kim recently garnered headlines when she shared photos from a 2008 project she did with Kanye in which she was dressed like Princess Leia, saying it was around the time the now-married couple first began to spend time together.

"In honor of Star Wars: The Force Awakens being released today, I wanted to share these old pics of Kanye and me from years ago! We worked together on a pilot for a show called 'Alligator Boots' back in 2008 and I played Princess Leia. We had met before this project (back in 2003), but I would say this is when we first really connected. These pics are SO funny!" Kardashian wrote on her site.

The photos must have brought back good memories; they are now the header on Kim's personal website.

Check out my app and read how Star Wars brought Kanye and I together lol

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