Kim Jong Un Wins Every Single Vote In First Election

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Was there anyone, absolutely anyone in North Korea who had any serious aspirations of challenging Kim Jong-un?

For those watching the outcome of the North Korean elections, the answer is rather obvious.

This is a man who not only executed his own uncle, but the man's entire family. It was an act that crushed what little faith some held that Kim's rule would be any better than that of his deceased father, Kim Jong-il.

No one dare run against "Dear Leader", who appeared on the ballot for his district unopposed.

The state media reported that not only was Kim elected to North Korea's highest legislative body, he managed to get every single vote in his district.

This is not an overstatement: According to reports, every voter turned up and every possible vote was cast and they all went to Kim.

If you can call it boasting.

In a country where you can be sent to a labor camp for the rest of your life for practically any reason, it's hard to think that everyone reported to the polls out of patriotic duty rather than sheer terror.

North Koreans voted on Sunday to determine the deputies for the Supreme People's Assembly. The vote is typically held every five years and is criticized as being an empty gesture rather than a genuinely democratic process.

Every person on the ballot was previously approved of by Kim, and all rann unopposed. As such, despite the "election", the people of North Korea had no real voice in who is elected.

Despite this, the results for other seats in the legislative body have yet to be announced.

However, the North Korean media made it known immediately that Kim Jong-un swept his Mount Paekdu district.

Before you laugh at how obvious that result would be given that nobody had the audacity to run against the North Korean dictator, consider that someone somewhere could have done a "write-in". As in, they could have written the name of another person on the ballot.

They would have then no doubt been "disappeared" along with their entire family, but it could have happened. Even more startling, it may have actually happened. It's just that we'd likely never hear about it.

Such an occurrence is certainly more probable than a 100% turnout where every single vote is willingly cast for the sole candidate, North Korea's ruling dictator.

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