Kim Dotcom: Wife Really Wants Her Property Back

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Kim Dotcom made an obscene amount of money from Megaupload, the popular digital storage locker frequented by legitimate users and pirates alike. Before things went sour, Dotcom was living in an enormous mansion in New Zealand alongside his wife Mona. The little lady, it would seem, has grown quite tired of not having all of her expensive playthings, and she would like to have them back. Right now.

Mona Dotcom, who has been married to the large German fellow for five years, has filed paperwork requesting the return of her pricey G55 Mercedes SUV, which is rumored to be worth roughly $155,000. Additionally, Mrs. Dotcom would like to have a few of her expensive sculptures back, artwork that was effectively confiscated when authorities seized the happy couple's spacious abode.

Ever the good wife, Mona believes that her husband hasn't done anything wrong. "I have always believed my husband's businesses are entirely lawful, and I still believe this to be true," New Zealand Herald reports. "I am simply asking the courts to return my own property and make reasonable provision for our family's ongoing maintenance and care."

Reasonable provision for her family's ongoing maintenance and care will require a bit more than the $15,500-per month allowance Kim Dotcom is given while he's out on bail. Given the size of the mansion and the number of children living under its roof -- five kids in all, in case you're keeping score -- the couple is requesting more money in order to keep everyone alive and well.

Curious to know what they need to spend all of this money on? According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Dotcom clan needs quite a bit of cash to address the following concerns:

  • $5 million in modifications to the house
  • $780,000 a year for rent
  • $467,000 a year to keep the house going
  • Six staff at about $22,500 a month
  • $5,500 a month on groceries
  • Gas for heating and cooking, $2,500 a month
  • $2,700 a month for electricity
  • Landline phone calls budgeted at $3,900
  • $1,440 a week for lawn mowing
  • $3,300 a week for three full-time gardeners

And you thought your living expenses were out-of-control. Kim Dotcom, meanwhile, is awaiting a hearing that will determine whether or not he will be extradited to the US, where he will face charges of piracy. If you're a Dotcom fan and want to ingest some of his musical stylings, the video for his song "Amnesia" resides below.