Kim Dotcom To Have $750,000 Returned To Him

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We brought you word a few months ago that Kim Dotcom, founder of Megaupload, was on his way to getting some of his possessions back. It seems that the news has finally become reality as Dotcom had about $750,000 worth of possessions returned to him.

Stuff is reporting that the New Zealand High Court has agreed to return some money to Dotcom and his family in the form of a bank account worth $301,000, a Mercedes Benz worth $250,000 and he retains his $20,000 a month spending budget. Unfortunately, the court mostly sided with the District Court so that Dotcom won't be seeing the majority of his funds returned to him. His other belongings could be held by the authorities for up to two years as Dotcom's extradition case is heard.

Dotcom's wife will also see some benefits from the ruling. She will be getting a monthly allowance, money for her medical bills and a car for personal transportation. When Dotcom was waiting to get out on bail, he argued that he wanted to get out to help his wife who was pregnant. The extra money should definitely help in that respect.

In other possible good news for Dotcom, the judge in the case said that he could bring further legal action to see more of his belongings returned to him. Dotcom's lawyers are arguing that New Zealand should investigate whether or not the restraining order against his property should even be honored. While the court said that they don't have to see if the order from the U.S. is legitimate, the door is open for further legal action.

All of this would be for naught, however, if Dotcom is extradited. The current extradition hearing is scheduled for September. At that time, it will be decided if Dotcom actually committed an offense worthy of being extradited over. According to Dotcom's lawyer, Ira Rothken, he's confident that they will have a "good result in New Zealand."

This comes on the news that there might not even be a case against Megaupload. The U.S. judge in the case against MegaUpload said that the FBI never properly filed a criminal complaint against the company. If this is the case, the trial might never happen. Of course, Dotcom feels that the damage has already been done and that he's now fighting to reveal what he feels was a conspiracy against him backed by Hollywood and the U.S. government. I'm sure having the extra money is definitely going to help with that.

[h/t: TorrentFreak]