Kim Dotcom Rap Slams New Zealand MP John Banks

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When we last left Kim Dotcom, he was on his way up after recently having some of his money and possessions returned. Previously, Dotcom was also given a bit more freedom to access the Internet among other things. One of those other things was going to a recording studio to finish work on an album he had been working on.

It seems that he used his time at the recording studio to create an original rap that slams New Zealand MP John Banks. The song references a scandal that Banks is currently embroiled in where he claims that he never received money from Dotcom, while Dotcom claims that he gave Banks two checks totaling $50,000 so they could be kept anonymous.

I'm a big fan of rap and hip-hop so getting a chance to hear a Dotcom performance was pretty exciting. The actual song, however, is pretty bland. It's mostly samples taken from interviews with Banks while Dotcom serenades us with a repetitive chorus. It gets the point across, but it doesn't accomplish much else.

From my coverage so far, it's pretty obvious that I'm supportive of Dotcom, but I don't think he should be using his free time and money this way. He has way bigger fish to fry than a dispute with a local politician. He should be putting his money and resources towards his upcoming extradition fight. Even if the judge rules against the U.S. (and it's looking likely), Dotcom still has to contend with his personal battle.

Regardless of my own feelings, check out the "music video" for Dotcom's newest song called "Amnesia." It's certainly no Megaupload Song, but hopefully Dotcom's other musical efforts will be more ambitious.

As an aside, it's somewhat ironic to see the founder of Megaupload having to resort to competing file sharing services to provide free download links to his newest song. It makes me a little sad as well.

[h/t: Ars Technica]