Kim Dotcom Hangs Out With Steve Wozniak In New Zealand

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Kim Dotcom is fighting for his business, and more importantly, his livelihood right now. The U.S. has brought multiple charges of copyright infringement and other nasty crimes against the Megaupload founder. He must be going through a lot of stress right now. You know what's good for stress? Hanging out with the cool co-founder of Apple - Steve Wozniak.

Ever since Dotcom was allowed to use the Internet again, he's been rather busy on Twitter. He's always posting pictures via Instagram that give insight into his everyday life alongside what he's planning next for his defense. Part of that everyday life apparently entails hanging out with The Woz.

Dotcom is referring to the Electronic Frontier Foundation. The group has been busy with trying to get legitimate users' data back. The poster boy for the campaign has been Kyle Goodwin, a regular everyday guy who used Megaupload to store high school sports footage for his recruitment video creation business. The MPAA has recently given their OK to people getting their files back, but the U.S. government is protesting the return.

We shouldn't be focusing on the bad legal stuff now though. These kind of pictures paint Dotcom as being just a regular family guy instead of the big, bad criminal that the US would want you to believe. Don't believe me? Here's Dotcom hanging out with his cute kids.

Kim Dotcom Steve Wozniak

Check out Kim Dotcom's Twitter feed to see the rest of his kooky adventures. There's some awesome stuff on there including the confirmation that Dotcom will be bringing back Megabox, his pet project for music artists to share music directly with fans.

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