Kim Dotcom Granted Internet Use, Pool Access

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Kim Dotcom, founder and operator of MegaUpload, hasn't had much fun lately. He was arrested and denied bail twice. Things began to look up for Dotcom in February when he was finally granted bail. Today in court, Dotcom successfully petitioned to have his bail conditions modified in his favor.

TorrentFreak is reporting that Dotcom now has more freedom at his disposal, including Internet access, thanks to modified bail conditions. He and three co-defendants today were granted some freedoms today that go a long way towards getting their defense together for his upcoming extradition trial.

It's reported that Dotcom's legal team argued that he needed Internet access to compile his defense. Dotcom had already been working on his defense, but was at a distinct disadvantage that the prosecution had hoped they could keep. The Judge agreed with the defense and granted Dotcom access to the Internet. It didn't just stop there though.

It's also reported that Dotcom had been suffering back problems lately and requested that he be allowed to use the swimming pool at his mansion for relief. The judge ruled that he would be allowed to have 90-minute access to said pool.

Interestingly enough, Dotcom was also working on a music album with "several International artists." It's strange that the defense would object to Dotcom working on an album, but object they did. The judge wasn't having any of it, however, and granted Dotcom two trips a week to a studio to finish work on the album.

Like I said, things are looking up for Dotcom and friends. They might just have a shot at properly defending themselves now that more evidence has been revealed in their favor. An example being last month it was revealed that many users of MegaUpload were members of Congress and other government agencies including the DoJ.

The only thing that will make this way better for Dotcom is if he gets his property back. It was revealed last month that the police filed the wrong paperwork and unlawfully seized his property as a result. It remains to be seen if Dotcom will get his property back, but it's more likely now than it was when he was first arrested.

Dotcom is confident that he can fight the charges brought against him. With these new freedoms, I'm sure his legal teams's confidence has been bolstered even more. It's only going to get more interesting from here on out so stay tuned for more news from the MegaUpload Saga.