Kim Cattrall, Who Has No Children of Her Own, Says She Is a Parent None-the-Less

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Kim Cattrall never had a child of her own, but she asserts that she is a "parent" none-the-less.

As reported by Yahoo Celebrity, Cattrall was a guest host of BBC's Women's Hour and talked about her disdain for the term "childless."

"I am not a biological parent, but I am a parent," said the Sex and the City alum. "I have young actors and actresses that I mentor, I have nieces and nephews that I am very close to. It's the 'less' that is offensive. Childless: it sounds like you're less because you haven't had a child."

Kim Cattrall, 59, said that not having children was not an intended decision, but she has no regrets about the way things turned out.

"I think for a lot of women from my generation it wasn't a conscious choice," she said. "It was a feeling of, Well, I'm on this road and things are going really well, I'm really happy, I'll do it next year, I'll do it two years, I'll do it in five years."

Kim Cattrall may have considered getting pregnant in her 40s, but decided against all the medical treatments it would have taken.

"I just thought, I don't know if I want it that much," she said.

Cattrall also revealed that she considers herself "romantically retired."

"It's hard for everybody. To be single at this age is really difficult, because you know so much more about what you want and what you don't want and what you'll put up with and you've been there and done that so many times at this point," said Kim Cattrall. "I have anyway."

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