Kim Basinger Signs A Modeling Contract At The Age Of 60

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Following in the footsteps of her daughter, Kim Basinger has just inked a deal with IMG Models, and will turn to modeling in order to compliment her acting career.

At the age of 60, the aging actress still has it in her, and does not seem to show any signs of losing her good looks any time soon.

Earlier this year, Kim Basinger's daughter, Ireland Baldwin, also signed with the same modeling agency. It is not often that the mother follows the path of the daughter, but in this situation, that seems to be the case.

Kim Basinger has been a Hollywood actress since her first film role in Hard Country, a film which was released in 1981. Since then, she has been seen a wide variety of films including L.A. Confidential and 8 Mile, playing Eminem's mother.

Ivan Bart, the senior vp and managing director of IMG Models, spoke highly of the veteran actress saying "Kim has a powerful appeal on screen that will lend itself as a strong asset for us to seek innovative partnerships across the modeling and entertainment platform for Kim."

Most recently, Kim Basinger was seen in Grudge Match, a film that hits theaters soon, and also features a stellar cast including Robert De Niro, Sylvester Stallone, Alan Arkin, and Kevin Hart. She was also seen at the premiere of that film looking as sexy as ever in a suit, looking like a 1920s mobster.

In case anyone forgot just how sexy she was in 9 1/2 Weeks, take a look at this.

Ireland Baldwin is 17-years-old, and has been modeling with IMG Models since March, who will certainly be excited to have her mother on board with her. Fans should be able to expect some pictures of the mother and daughter together in the near future, showing how much the two look alike.

Kim Basinger is the ex-wife of Alec Baldwin, and even he has nothing but the best praise for the sexy star. Earlier this year, Alec Baldwin was interviewed by Access Hollywood in relation to their daughter, and Baldwin said "Her mother is obviously one of the most beautiful women that [has] ever lived — and even divorce doesn’t muddy my view of that. Kim is one of the most beautiful women that ever lived and even Ireland sees that."

The saying "age ain't nothing but a number" certainly rings true when people think of Kim Basinger, and now she has a modeling contract to prove it.

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