Kilah Davenport, Child Abuse Victim, Dies at 4

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Four-year-old Kilah Davenport, who was severely beaten in May 2012, died Thursday.

According to Jeff Gerber of the Kilah Davenport Foundation, Kilah stopped breathing Thursday at her North Carolina home. Kilah was taken to Northeast Medical Center after her mother tried and failed to resuscitate her with CPR. The little girl was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Kilah's grandmother, Leslie Davenport, spoke briefly during a press conference attended by North Carolina Governor Roy McCrory.

"We're not sure really what happened. There will be an autopsy to find out exact cause and we appreciate everyone's prayers and support," said Davenport. "Please continue to pray for our family. This is the second hardest thing we've been through. The first was when Kilah got hurt and now we lost her."

"We know she's dancing in heaven. She's not in pain anymore," she said.

"We have to support this family today," McCrory said. "I had tears in my eyes when I found out."

Stepfather Joshua Houser was just sentenced in february to 92 to 123 months in prison for felony child abuse.

Kilah suffered permanent skull and brain injuries after Houser flew into a "fit of rage" and shoved her head through a wall leaving her with a broken collarbone, fractured skull, brain injuries and bruising on her body.

NBC Charlotte spoke to a local defense attorney who said Houser could now be charged with murder.

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