Kiefer Sutherland Will Be Snake In Metal Gear Solid V

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Metal Gear Solid fans went a little nuts earlier this year when it was revealed that long time Snake voice actor David Hayter would not be reprising his role in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Soon after, speculation ran rampant with some even thinking this was yet another moment of Kojima trolling his fans.

During its pre-E3 briefing today, Hideo Kojima announced that Keifer Sutherland will be playing the role of Snake in Metal Gear Solid V. The decision was made after Kojima spoke to personal friend Avi Arad about his troubles in finding an actor who could portray an older Snake. Arad introduced Kojma to Sutherland, and the rest is history.

So, what does Hayter think about being replaced by Sutherland?

It seems that he's taking it rather well.

Unfortunately, Kojima didn't provide any details regarding launch date or platforms for Metal Gear Solid V. Early material said it was a PS3 and PS3 game, but there have been some murmurings about it coming to next-gen consoles as well. As for the launch, we're still probably at least a year away.

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