Kids Steal Wheelchair, Get Arrested After Pics of Joyride Hit Facebook

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Two 14-year-old New York boys have been arrested and charged with third-degree burglary and third-degree grand larceny after stealing an electric wheelchair and posting photos on Facebook.

According to police, the kids took the wheelchair from a house that's undergoing some renovations near midnight on Saturday. They allegedly took the wheelchair on a joyride until the battery died, upon which the kids abandoned it.

The chair, a custom-made motorized scooter, is valued at around $17,000. It belongs to a 27-year-old man with cerebral palsy.

"My son had nine surgeries and that chair was specially made for him,” said the man's mother, Carmela Pinello. “They left my son stranded. They should be ashamed of themselves and realize that you don’t play with somebody’s life and think it’s a joke, because it’s not a joke.”

Of course, this story has a Facebook connection. Police were able to make arrests when they found pictures of the kids on the stolen wheelchair on the social network. The chair has yet to be recovered.

When I was 14, kids were just dicks. Now, with the ubiquity of Facebook, kids are just dumber dicks who make it easy for police to spot their dumb dickdom. Our dumb teens will find themselves in family court next week.

[via CBS New York]
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