Kid Rock Gives The Best Gift Ever To His No. 1 Fan

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Kid Rock's "No. 1 fan" just got the thrill of a lifetime.

Dan McGurk, who has Down Syndrome, posted a video to YouTube last August showing off his vast array of Kid Rock schwag. He told his audience, "Hi, my name's Dan and I'm the No. 1 Kid Rock fan." McGurk also invited the Cowboy singer to his 30th birthday party, which took place on Monday night at the Clarkston Union restaurant in downtown Clarkston, Michigan.

The video got thousands of hits, and eventually word got back to Kid Rock that he had been invited to McGurk's birthday party.

Here's the clip of McGurk showing off his Kid Rock memorabilia, and inviting the singer to his party.

What happened next was like a dream come true.

Following dinner, McGurk was served his birthday cake while one of his guests belted out, "Happy Birthday." After he blew out the candles, he wished that Kid Rock would suddenly appear at the celebration. Several moments passed and McGurk became visually upset that it looked like Kid Rock was not coming to his party.

But some birthday wishes do come true. Like magic, Rock entered the scene singing "Happy Birthday" to a man who could not possibly be any happier.

Check out the clip. At first, McGurk seems so certain that Kid Rock is going to show up at his party, just when he doubts that his dream may not come true, in walks Rock.

"I've been waiting for this ...Kid Rock finally came to my birthday," he said. "He came in singing happy birthday and my face light up and I as so excited to meet Kid Rock," McGurk gushed.

Kid Rock obviously didn't show up to the party empty-handed. The singer gave McGurk several birthday presents, including a custom-made Kid Rock guitar. "He got me lots of stuff, a hat, he got me lots of stuff...a picture frame and he signed my book," said McGurk. "He told me if I be good to my family and all my friends at work I get free tickets to every Kid Rock concert."

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