Kid Reads Hateful YouTube Comments to Show How Bullying Affects People

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YouTube is a wonderful thing – arguably one of the top three most important websites in history. YouTube comments, on the other hand, are a cesspool.

Sometimes it's easy to look at the trolling, the virtiol, and the downright stupidity being spewed beneath any given video and think hey, everyone knows it's YouTube. Nobody actually takes any of it seriously.

But you know, trolling or not, things hurt people. Especially if you're 11.

A kid named Logan is making the viral rounds with a short video he made with the help of his dad. In the video, Logan reads a bunch of YouTube comments he's received on his videos. No, they aren't even close to some of the worst shit that gets thrown around YouTube, but listening to him read them is pretty heartbreaking.

Check it out:

I winced as I scrolled down to see the top comment on this video ...

Fuck you, cyber bullies.

Maybe there's some hope for us after all.

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