Kickstart This Android-Inspired Remote Controlled Robot

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I absolutely adore the Android mascot. You may call him Andy, Bug Droid, or anything else; but he'll always be the cute little green guy to me. It's already been established that Google employees get all the good Android gear including a remote controlled inflatable Android robot. Don't get depressed as a Kickstarter aims to give us our very own remote controller robot.

Reality Robotics Limited is running a Kickstarter for BERO, or Be The Robot. The robot bears a striking resemblance to Android's mascot, but sports a pair of headphones to avoid any potential copyright troubles. The robot is controlled with an open source Android app that will soon be available on Google Play. They also promise an iOS version would be coming soon.

There are multiple versions of the BERO available for potential backers. The basic BERO is a non-moving white robot that's meant to be a desk ornament. It's available to backers who chip in $35. The first tier for an actual moving robot is the BERO BLUETOOTH for backers who contribute $79.

The serious backers will want to go with the $189 BERO BLING. The robot is adorned in a gold finish with red headphones. It includes all the features of the previous models plus extra LEDs for the eyes, a moving waist for dancing and infrared optical navigation.

As of now, the project has raised $24,675 on the backs of 188 backers. The goal is to raise $38,900. The team still has 25 days left so their goal is not too far out of reach.

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