Kia K900 Super Bowl Commercial Is a Winner


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Who knew that Kia was in the luxury car business? Last night's Super Bowl may have been a complete blowout as the Seattle Seahawks absolutely crushed the Denver Broncos 43-8, but as usual many Super Bowl ads created the buzz that marketing execs were hoping for. And at a whopping $4 million for a 30-second spot, companies needed their commercials to pay off big time.

One of the biggest winner's of the night was the spot for the Kia K900. According to, the Laurence Fishburne Matrix send-up titled "The Truth" did a remarkable job introducing potential car shoppers to their new flagship model. It certainly let the world know that Kia now makes a full-size luxury sedan, and it's quite impressive looking.

Edmunds reported that web traffic for the Kia K900 sparked a 7,100% uptick in Web traffic during the game. Many websites also rated the ad as one of the best spots on the night.

You can expect to see the Kia K900 at local car dealers within the next few months. The car is a rear-wheel-drive sedan. The V-8 model starts at $60,400. However, a more inexpensive V-6 model will be released a few months later that will run around $50,000

It's one thing for people to be talking about products the next day online, but it's another thing entirely for shoppers to go out and buy what companies are trying to sell. However, Edmunds believes that successful Super Bowl ads do drive consumers into car dealerships.

What do you think? Can Kia break into the luxury car business?

Image via Twitter