Khloe Kardashian Speaks: Is Lionel Richie Her Real Dad?

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This is not the first time someone has hinted, or even outright stated, that Khloe Kardashian comes from different stock than her sisters. But this time a new name is being floated.

According to InTouch Weekly, “a source close to Kris” Kardashian claims that she “hooked up with Grammy-winning singer Lionel Richie” in the 1980s.

This source also claims to know Lionel Richie, and further said of Lionel and Kris, “They had a sexual affair — he bragged about it. He said he was on the outs with his wife at the time. Everyone was sleeping around with everyone else back then, and Kris was hot in those days.”

Back in “those days”, Kris Jenner was Kris Kardashian, and was married to attorney Robert Kardashian, who died in 2003. Robert Kardashian is also famous for being on O.J. Simpson’s legal defense team back during the famous O.J “Trial of the Century”.

Rumors of Kris’ involvement with a variety of men have surfaced over the years, some of them claiming that those alleged affairs resulted in Khloe Kardashian. Some of the names floated include Kris’ hairdresser Alex Roldan, and even O.J. Simpson himself.

According to Gossip Cop, Khloe is laughing this latest round of speculation off.

“I’ve had so many dads my head is spinning lol,” Khloe reportedly told Gossip Cop.

InTouch also cited another blogger who they say “heard about Kris and Lionel”. They quote this man as telling them, “Kris had an an [sic] affair with Lionel — and I believe he is Khloe’s dad.”

If that’s all it takes to pad out a gossip piece about a celebrity’s paternity — an “exclusive” statement from another blogger who “heard about” it — it’s going to start getting mighty tough to get the truth about anything.

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