Khloe Kardashian: Did She Set Up Lamar?


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Khloe and Lamar had a rough divorce but once it was finalized, it seemed like they were both happy to part ways and not have to see each other anymore. Both seem to have moved on and Khloe is now dating French Montana.

But is Khloe really over Lamar or is she still trying to get his attention and cause trouble for him. On May 13, Khloe and Lamar happened to be in the same place at the same time at West Hollywood hotspot Penthouse.

Khloe was on a date with French and Lamar seemed surprised to see them both there. Khloe appeared just as surprised at Lamar, but a source close to Lamar claims that Khloe not only knew that Lamar would be at Penthouse, but actually invited him there to make him mad.

"It was actually Khloé who invited Lamar to the club because she knew the E! cameras were going to be there," a source close to Lamar said.

"She totally set him up and he is livid," the source says, adding, "she wanted it to look like he was stalking her on camera."

Lamar may have made things hard for Khloe during the end of their relationship and during the divorce, but could she still be holding a grudge against him or does she secretly still love him?

After seeing Lamar at the club, Khloe tweeted a message that seemed to refer to the incident.

Could Khloe still have feelings for Lamar and have been trying to make him jealous of her new boyfriend or is she just angry and hurt after everything the couple went through?

Do you think Khloe really invited Lamar to the club, hoping to set him up for the cameras?

Image via Wikimedia Commons