Khloe Kardashian And Scott Disick Share Near-Death Experience


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Khloe and Scott have a great friendship and have found ways to bond and have fun together.

Although Scott is the father of Khloe's sister Kourtney's children, Scott and Khloe have always spent time together and enjoyed each other's company.

The two have gotten even closer over the last few months and rumors suggested that Kourtney had even grown jealous of their relationship and asked Khloe to back off.

Khloe and Scott have continued to hang out and they have been spending a lot of time in the water lately.

Just few weeks ago the friends posted a photo of themselves in a bathtub and they recently described a near-death experience that they shared while tubing.

"We actually fell in the bay yesterday," Disick revealed.

"No, you – not me," clarified Kardashian.

"Sorry, I fell in the bay. We were tubing behind our boat –" he added before Khloe interrupted him.

Khloe and Scott had been tubing when something went wrong. Tubing involves a person or persons sitting or holding onto an inflatable tube that is pulled behind a boat on a body of water, often a lake. While tubing is a pretty safe activity, it has been known to lead to injuries.

"I don't do big bodies of water," said Kardashian, "So I held on for dear life."

While it might seem like the two were just joking and exaggerating the incident, they both agreed that it really was a scary moment for them and when asked if they really almost died they seemed pretty convinced that they had come close to it.

"Kind of!" Kardashian said. Disick agreed, saying, "Close, close. Yeah."

"We saw the tapes, because we were dying to see them," Khloe said.

"The footage looked frightening. It was really ridiculous," said Disick.

"I literally was flying way above [the tube], but I would not let go of the handles," added Khloe.

Nothing brings two friends closer than a shared near-death experience.

Image via Wikimedia Commons