Khloe And Lamar: Are They Regretting The Divorce?


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Khloe and Lamar had a long, drawn out separation and divorce. Although they tried to keep it private, it just wasn't possible and the world seemed to know everything going on between the couple. Both seemed to be relieved to get their divorce over with and all of the drama behind them.

Both admitted that they wished they could have worked things out, but thought the divorce was for the best. While the couple have not said much about each other publicly since their marriage ended, they may be sending cryptic messages to each other via Instagram. The cryptic messages seem to hint that they are regretting their divorce.

Khloe recently posted an inspirational message on both her Twitter and Instagram account and while some people may not have thought anything of it, many others seemed to think that it was a message to Lamar.

Khloe isn't the only one who is ready to reconcile. According to sources close to Lamar, he has expressed an interest in making up with her and possibly starting their relationship over again. Lamar has even brought up the possibility of rekindling a romance with Khloe in interviews.

Khloe's friends on the other hand, say that she has no desire to get back with Lamar and that the two have gone their separate ways for good. Rumors of drug and alcohol abuse are a few of the reasons Khloe decided to divorce Lamar, and then there was the fact that he cheated on her and would disappear for days at a time without contacting her.

Lamar has admitted to having problems but has also promised to get the help he needs. Maybe if he would have done so sooner, the couple would still be together.

Do you think Khloe will take Lamar back if he does get help and is able to control his addictions and do you believe her Instagram post was for him?

Image via Wikimedia Commons