Kevin Ware: Leg Surgery Could Bring Him Back Next Year


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During last night's NCAA Tournament Midwest Regional final between Louisville and Duke, Louisville player Kevin Ware jumped to block a three point shot and landed poorly, breaking his leg, including his tibia (shin) bone, in two places. The gruesome injury was caught on live TV and Ware's teammates can be seen reacting viscerally to the injury, which occurred directly in front of the Louisville bench.

According to an Associated Press report, Ware underwent leg surgery soon after the injury. The bones in his leg have been successfully set, with a metal rod inserted into his tibia.

According to Louisville coach Rick Pitino, Ware could be back on the court as soon as next year. He related to the AP that Ware's injury is similar to one Louisville football player Michael Bush sustained in 2006. Bush went on to have a successful career playing for the Oakland Raiders and Chicago Bears in the NFL.

The following link provides a clear look at Ware's injury. It is not safe for either work or life, but does show exactly why Ware's teammates reacted the way they did: Ware's injury.

(Image courtesy Reddit)