Kerry Washington Talks 'Scandal' During First Post-Baby Interivew

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Kerry Washington gave her first interview this week since giving birth to her baby girl Isabelle, and the Scandal star used one particular word a couple of times to describe the life she's living right now.


A Twitter user asked Washington if it would be hard to leave her baby girl to go back to work. Isabelle was born just two months ago.

"So tricky because you know I don't talk about this stuff, but I will say I feel really, really blessed," she said.

"I just feel really blessed that I'm kind of living extraordinary dreams come true in my work life and in my personal life," she added.

Most of the remaining questions during the very private actress's interview centered on her Scandal role of Olivia Pope and whether she is in love with President Fitzgerald Grant (played by Tony Goldwyn) or Jake Ballard (played by actor Scott Foley, Jake is the one she is seen boarding a plane with during the Season 3 finale).

"There's no question about it, that she loves Fitz... but I think she's also just trying to turn her life into a place that is not so upside-down," Kerry said. "To create a healthy life for herself, where she can not feel like she's stuck in a relationship with someone who can't be with her. It's a very, very complicated relationship and I think she's trying to find more simplicity and healthy expressions of love and safety and sanity around her."

After a pause, Kerry continued.

"It's tricky. Jake is a great guy, and Jake cares about her a lot and loves her. Neither man has treated her entirely well, so it's tricky."

In other words, Scandal fans won't learn anything whatsoever about the upcoming season from Kerry Washington. As with her own life, she divulges little about the series that has made her a household name.

Kerry Washington looks positively amazing since giving birth to Isabelle in April. One would never guess she had a baby only a couple of months ago.

Although there isn't yet an official air date for the first episode of Scandal Season 4, the show is expected to return some time this fall.

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