Kerri Kasem: Not Loving Visitation Agreement at All

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Kerri, Mike and Julie Kasem told the media in September that their father's current wife was not allowing them to visit him.

It got so bad that Casey Kasem's ex-wife, children, friends and colleagues staged a protest in front of his home with signs declaring how much they miss and love Kasem.

As Kasem's Parkinson's Disease worsened, the kids got more frantic to see him. They quickly decimated any public suspicions of seeking financial opportunities from their wealthy father; they were all trust fund recipients and now hold well-paying jobs. They are aware that they have already been cut out of the will since the new marriage and have accepted that.

The Kasem offspring decided to take it a step further by bringing their concerns to the courts to request a conservatorship. According to the Associated Press, a settlement between the two parties has been reached to avoid that. The two younger siblings, Mike and Julie, are happy and relieved-- but the eldest, Kerri Kasem is not.

As the settlement was announced Friday, Kerri Kasem remains dissatisfied. The settlement terms are not publicized, but Kerri wishes to find an agreement that allows her to visit her father without some of those restrictions placed.

What do you think: Is this a case of the younger, wicked step-mother trying to protect her name in the will, or a case of a wife knowing what's best for her ailing husband? It is hoped that the affairs swirling around Casey Kasem are not causing extra distress for him as he deals with a debilitating illness.

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