Keri Russell And Matthew Rhys Continue To Spark Dating Rumors


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The two co-stars have sparked dating dating rumors in the past, and they continue to be seen together. While they have not confirmed or denied anything, it seems fairly evident that Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys have been together for a while.

Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys are the two stars of the hit FX drama The Americans, and while they are able to keep things a secret on the show, they are a little more obvious about it in real life.

On The Americans, the two of them play KGB spies who are hiding out in the United States during the Cold War era. They are doing their best to keep their identities secret, and their two kids do not even know their past.

The potential couple was most recently spotted when they stepped out for date night on Thursday, stopping into New York's The Public Theater, where they watched the Steven Soderbergh-directed play The Library. They were seen sitting closely, and whispered to one another as they left the theater.

It was reported that they may have been seeing each other as early as December, and around the same time that season 2 of their show aired, Keri Russell was forced to dodge questions regarding a possible relationship, and still would not reveal whether it was true or not.

The announcement that she may be dating Matthew Rhys comes just months after she and Shane Deary, her husband of nearly 7 years, separated. Keri Russell has two children with her ex-husband, a son River, 6, and a daughter Willa, 2.

The Americans premiered its second season on February 26th, and while they play a couple on the show, their jobs often get in the way, and can cause problems as well. After its first season, the series quickly became the most watched show on the FX network, and will look to have similar success with season 2.

They got awfully close through the filming of season one, and it seems to have translated into their real life. Are Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys a couple? Signs continue to point toward yes, and it certainly would not be the first time that lovers in a television show or film translated to real life.

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