Kentucky Man's Overnight Grocery Party Involved Beer, Steaks, Birthday Cake, and 57 Cans of Whipped Cream

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Kentucky Kicks Ass. Seriously. It's full of history, horses, mountains, rolling hills, great food, better bourbon, beautiful women, and we gave you George Clooney.

But here in Kentucky, we also produced Trevor Runyon, whose overnight grocery party for one would make Barney Stinson rethink his criteria for legen...wait for it...

A Mount Washington ValuMarket manager found an odd scene when he opened up the store on Monday morning. Little did he know, but he was gazing upon one of the most epic parties one could ever throw for himself.

Here's a brief list of everything Trevor Runyon reportedly did on Sunday night, according to WAVE 3 News:

  • Used (note, used, not necessarily consumed) 57 cans of Reddi-Wip whipped cream.
  • Cooked and consumed 6 steaks
  • Smoked an untold amount of cigarettes
  • Ate an untold amount of shrimp
  • Ate at least part of a birthday cake
  • Peed himself and found replacement clothes
  • Fell asleep in the rafters of the store

Apparently, Runyon was able to sneak into the grocery store at closing time on Sunday. He's been taken into custody, after the fire department was called to get him out of the rafters. That's one nitrous party for the books.


Josh Wolford
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