Kenny Rogers Could See a Career Resurgence If He Did This One Thing

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Kenny Rogers has been at it so long that he has seen numerous periods of resurgence in his fame. It was one thing to turn on the radio in the 80s and hear Kenny Rogers crossover hits coming out of the speakers, but when the singer took the stage at Bonnaroo in 2012 with Phish to play "The Gambler," it was almost surreal.

"It was so much fun, they were so receptive," Kenny said recently, reminiscing about the Bonnaroo crowd. "(Phish) came in my dressing room and said, 'We really want to do this, would you mind doing it?' and I said, 'No, I don't mind doing it.' And, when I performed at Bonnaroo, the first thing I said was, 'What's wrong with this picture, Kenny Rogers and Bonnarro?' And it was fun. The people loved it.

Maybe many of those people were telling each other that it was Kenny Rogers who sang that "Just Dropped In" song in the Big Lebowski dream sequence. That's cred.

Kenny Rogers also said recently that people in Korea have told him that they have learned to speak English from listening to his music.

Kenny Rogers isn't resting. He's playing gigs, and he just announced he will release a new Christmas album this Fall. Once Again It’s Christmas will feature guest stars like Alison Krauss, Jennifer Nettles, Home Free, Jim Brickman and Winfield’s Locket.

"I feel like this is a special group of songs--both old and new--and I was particularly lucky to be joined by many talented guest artists and musicians who each have something unique to say," Rogers said of the album.

Here's an idea: Kenny Rogers could do albums like Carlos Santana does. Invite younger artists -- country, pop, and rock -- to join him in singing an album full of new songs.

It could work. Kenny Rogers had so many hits that his entire live shows nowadays are packed end-to-end with recognizable tunes.

"I just do all the hits I can do," Rogers said of his live shows. "Every song, from start to finish, was a hit. It's pretty safe when you do that. I put them in an order that I think is fascinating and ... really, it's just a question of pacing the show with my hits. Someone asked me if I got tired of doing the hits and I said, 'No, I don't want to be the guy that goes out there without them' because that's a great comfort zone."

If Kenny Rogers did a series of albums, all with guest artists, he could even re-visit some of those hits joined by new blood, as well as new material. After three of those, hook up with Rick Rubin and get the Johnny Cash treatment.

Kenny Rogers could be back on top yet again.

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