Kendra Wilkinson Celebrates Baby Shower


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Former Playboy model and the Kendra on Top reality star Kendra Wilkinson celebrated her baby shower last weekend, surrounded by her closest friends and family.

Kendra, who is set to deliver her baby any day now, had her shower at her friend Jessica Hall's house in Santa Clarita, California. The shower was planned by Good Carma Studio, and featured Manly Handz massages and candy buffets by Candy Me Up.

"The baby shower was so much fun," Kendra told US Weekly. "The first time around, it was more formal and cute and getting stuff I needed. This time around it was more fun. My friends kind of forced me to do it because - you're not technically supposed to do a second baby shower, but my friends wanted me to do it so bad, it was a good time to get my friends together and just have a good time. It was more like a bachelorette party than it was a baby shower!"

"I told everyone not to get me anything. They got me amazing gifts but a lot of gag gifts," she continued. "Everyone was drunk! It was like a light hearted fun, spring day to get together with friends. I'm glad we did it." Kendra received some awesome presents including a Joovy stroller, Hatch Kids baby clothes, Usana, and a Tupac onesie!

Kendra and her husband Hank Baskett already have one son Hank Jr., 4. She announced her pregnancy, via Twitter, in October and has admitted that this pregnancy has been a lot more brutal than her pregnancy with Hank Jr.

She credits spending time with her close friends for helping her through this pregnancy. "It was important for me to do that. When you're pregnant you're kind of miserable and feel like crap, and every now and then you see a friend but you don't really have the energy to do it," she said. "It felt so great to see everyone."

Image via Wikimedia Commons