Kendra And Hank Baskett's Marriage Could Be Done For Good

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After interviews where Kendra Wilkinson seems to have come to terms with the rumors that her husband Hank Baskett cheated on her, a clip from Kendra On Top indicates otherwise. The clip from an upcoming episode of the reality series shows Wilkinson screaming expletives at Baskett and threatening to break something over his head.

Wilkinson is shown in the sneak peek for an upcoming episode of Kendra On Top fighting with Baskett and threatening to break a trophy dedicated to him being a great husband and father over his head. Baskett is seen pleading with his wife, who previously questioned whether the rumors that he cheated on her with a transsexual were true. In the video, however, Wilkinson seems dead set on believing the rumors, alluding to the transsexual in her tirade against Baskett.

“You’re going to believe this person over me and I have believed in you and supported you in everything,” says Baskett at one point in the video. Wilkinson then says Baskett is “in denial” and kicks him out of the house.

Apparently, the reason behind Wilkinson’s anger is the secret that Baskett told Kyle Carson, who was forced by his wife Jessica Hall to tell her best friend what it was. The secret, to be revealed in the upcoming episode, reportedly sent Wilkinson over the edge.

“I'm so pissed off, it is beyond anger, like how dare Hank think he can walk into this house with this secret that he told Kyle?” asks Wilkinson of the camera in the video clip.

Meanwhile, the transsexual model Baskett purportedly hooked up with has reached out to Wilkinson and urged her to leave Baskett. Ava Sabrina London reportedly wrote Wilkinson a letter, saying, “It’s upsetting that I’m still the villain… Hank should be the person held accountable for his betraying decisions, and the clear disregard of your wedding vows.”

London also reportedly asked to meet Wilkinson face-to-face to discuss Baskett, but it remains to be seen whether the former girlfriend of Hugh Hefner would agree to a chat.

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