Kendall Jenner Wows In Topshop At Met Gala

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Kendall Jenner, a young lady adored solely for genetic gifts that give her the body d' jour, is quickly becoming the favorite Kardashian sister. This is evidenced by the stir she made wearing Topshop on the red carpet last night at the Met Gala in New York. While Kim may have Kanye (and the kind of savvy that propelled a non-consensually distributed sex tape into a multi-million dollar Kardashian branding empire), Kendall got the proper fat-to-limb-length ratio that makes Anna Wintour love you. And makes Anna Wintour forgive you for being a lowly, though incredibly wealthy and influential, reality TV star.

Wintour threw her annual Met Gala last night at the New York Metropolitan Museum, a charity event that costs a cool $25,000 to attend. No one has any idea what actually happens at the Met Gala, but everyone knows it's important to look good and stand out on those steps for a solid hour and get photographed in something you were paid to wear.

In Jenner's case, one can only guess the tidy sum she must have pocketed to be seen wearing high street fashion while surrounded by the glitterati in Armani and Chanel. Even if she wasn't officially endorsing Topshop, it was a smart choice on her part, as the brand is beloved by her target audience: poor young ladies who really want to look nice but only have $35.95 to live on 'till payday.

Big sister Kim Kardashian also attended the event in a stunning navy blue Lanvin gown and expressed excitement to share the evening with her sister for the first time. Well, she was either expressing excitement or cross-promoting the Kardashian brand.

Either way, the sisters look absolutely stunning and are doing a tip-top job of fulfilling America's expectations that they look incredibly flawless at all times and express zero complaint at the huge sums of money, discomfort, and invasiveness that goes with being constantly coiffed by a team of beauticians as not to be slaughtered or ignored by the press. Respect, Kardashians.

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