Kendall Jenner Wore Fake Breasts For Photo Shoot

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Kendall Jenner has been tearing up the headlines lately, between her appearance at the Grammy Awards and all the modeling gigs she's getting. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has even been chosen as the new face of Estee Lauder and is working with fashion legend Karl Laugerfeld. However, it's a photo shoot for Love Magazine that's getting the most attention this week, as Jenner posed "topless".

The 19-year old did the shoot wearing a set of prosthetic breasts, which were much, much bigger than her own. The images prompted talk of Photoshop, but the stylist says it was simply something he'd wanted to try for a long time and wasn't meant to fool readers.

"It was fun to see how people initially thought it was nudity, then it was Photoshop. It didn't cross anyone's minds that these were prosthetics. I don't know how anyone could Photoshop something into those proportions. They were made of silicone, so after a few hours, they kind of start to droop. We'd have to switch pairs and put them in the fridge. They were huge. They were even bigger than DDDs, they were as big as we could get them made. I designed them so they were attached to a bra that was also made of silicone," Panos Yiapanis said.

Kendall Jenner has a slight frame, so to see such large breasts in the photo spread threw a lot of people off. For Yiapanis, it was a chance to bring attention to society's obsession with women's bodies and their shape, especially within the fashion world.

"It was kind of something that I'd wanted to do for a while. I'd done a shoot in the past with fat suits, and it led me to this, especially lately with this obsession with a new body shape. I kind of wanted to question how valid that is for designers, whether it's just a stunt or if it's a true shift. We're so accustomed to the shape that's been on the runway for the past 20 years that I don't know how honest this new, more curvaceous figure is as an intention."

Jenner's half sister Kim Kardashian made headlines of her own last year when she revealed her cover for Paper Magazine, which featured a photo of her balancing a champagne glass on her bare bum and squirting the alcohol over her head to land in the glass. When she shared the image on social media, she mentioned that she was going to "break the internet", and while that didn't quite happen, she did get a lot of people talking (and making their own versions of the photo).

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