Kenan Thompson Takes A Jab At Bill Cosby, Calls Him A 'Monster'

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Comedian Kenan Thompson reportedly had some choice words to say about Bill Cosby.

The Saturday Night Live member had a standup gig at the University of Pittsburgh last Monday. In addition to having his audience rolling in the aisle with laughter over his antics and impersonations, Thompson also got serious and talked about career struggles, his marijuana use, some social issues and Bill Cosby.

According to the university’s student paper The Pitt News, Thompson credited the legendary funny man as one of his inspirations but he also called him a "monster" for the series of sexual assault allegations that were leveled against him.

But there was more that the school paper didn't touch on. According to a post by Reddit user Definitely_Ambiguous, when Thompson “brought, like, his mom to see Cosby and he was creepy and bounced her on his lap and said something about horse riding like a kiddie..” Thompson also noticed something hinky about the veteran actor’s comments to him during his Fat Albert stint but didn't read anything into it. Until the allegations started coming out.

The embattled actor has repeatedly faced allegations of sexual assault for years. But the issue came to light again as a result of social media. Since then, the public has been treated to accusations from women who claim that the Cosby Show’s father figure drugged them before forcing himself on them.

Thompson might be disappointed at Cosby, but he kept his comments relatively "light" as he did the Cosby impersonations he’s known for.

While public perception might have turned against Cosby, the man still has his supporters. Among them is comedian Eddie Murphy. The voice of Donkey was asked to impersonate Cosby on SNL's 40th anniversary episode but he was said to have turned it down. Cosby later thanked him for that.

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