Kelly Rowland: "The Game" Leaked Online

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Kelly Rowland was one of several artists tapped by Pepsi earlier this year to take part in a unique "visual album" to celebrate the World Cup, and her song "The Game" is included on a new LP which will be released on June 10. However, the video for the track was leaked online earlier today and was promptly taken down due to copyright infringement.

“I was immediately attracted to ‘The Game’ because I can identify with its theme of overcoming challenges and finding your voice. It’s a very important message and I’m honored to partner with Pepsi on a project that brings the worlds of music, sports and film together. As an artist – and a huge film and sports fan – it’s been an incredible experience," Rowland said.

Titled Beats Of The Beautiful Game, the LP also features songs by Timbaland and Janelle Monae, whose track "Heroes" is already available online. Rowland's video is reportedly directed by Spike Lee.

Rowland married her longtime manager, Tim Witherspoon, last month in a quiet ceremony in Costa Rica

“I really plan on it being a very special day between me and my sweetheart,” Rowland said in February. “Whatever we do we just want it to be special and between he and I and just make it something that we both remember and just for us. It’s our gift to ourselves.”

Destiny's Child bandmate Beyonce was on hand for the nuptials just days after her sister and husband got into the fight heard 'round the world in an elevator at the Met Gala; however, the newlyweds managed to keep the wedding a secret until after it was over, inviting only about 50 people.

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