Kelly Ripa Enjoys Co-Host Michael Strahan’s $7500 TV Blunder

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Uh oh. It looks like Kelly Ripa infected Michael Strahan with her TV blooper virus.

After making a fool of herself a few days back by not fully knowing what Ashley Madison was, Strahan got a little bit of redemption as she witnessed her co-host give away a free trip during Tuesday’s airing of their show  Live! With Kelly and Michael.

The hilarious TV blunder happened after Strahan misheard a caller’s answer to a trivia segment of their show. The lucky caller is now bound for a $7500 trip to Rio Grande, Puerto Rico.

"On yesterday's show, we talked to Jeremy Renner. What sport did Jeremy say he once taught at a part-time job?" the former NFL star asked caller, Kelly Copeland.

Given only 20 seconds, the caller made sure of the host’s question.

“Sport?” she said.

Unfortunately, Strahan’s ear was not functioning well at the time.

“Bowling, you got it!” the TV host imediately replied.

Of course, the audience cheered on as to what looked like a correct answer from the lucky caller.

Ripa, however, had the chance to get back at her cohost.

"She said 'sport,” Ripa clarified to her co-host. Straham quickly covered his face with embarrassment after realizing the ridiculous mistake that he made.

"This is the greatest thing that's ever happened to us!" Ripa said.

The moment was just TV magic and Ripa even jokingly suggested to Copeland that she has to bring Strahan with her.

As Ripa and the audience laugh at the mishap, Strahan was observing the producers off camera.

"Well, you know what's funny is that some of the producers are looking at me like 'you in trouble,' and the other ones are laughing at me,” said the nervous host.

Nevertheless, Kelly Copeland did legitimately win the prized trip as she correctly answered the question without hearing Strahan’s congratulatory slip-up.

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