Kelly Pickler On Her Experience As An “American Idol” Mentor

Kelly Pickler and several other contestants from American Idol‘s past came back on Thursday’s episode to mentor and sing with this year’s crop.

As the last season of American Idol gets underway, the show is paying tribute to seasons past and tipping the hat to Kelly Pickler and other memorable faces like Constantine Maroulis, Jordin Sparks and Chris Daughtry.

Kelly Pickler and the other former contestants clearly enjoyed their time back on the show and meeting what could be the future rising stars of the music industry.

Kelly Pickler said of her time spent back on the show as a mentor, “It’s an honor to be back. I’ve been able to work with two brilliant girls, Amelia [Eisenhauer] and Tristan [McIntosh]. Amelia is 16 and Tristan is 15.”

She added, “I could not imagine doing something like this at their ages. But they’re so wonderful, they’re pros and they’ve got this. They are a pleasure and a joy to work with.”

Eisenhauer and McIntosh are minors, and as they were chaperoned by their mothers, Kelly Pickler also got an insight into their lives at home as well as their lives competing on American Idol.

Kelly Pickler said, “One of the most incredible things I was able to witness while I was here working with Amelia and Tristan is the love they have in their families. To have that sanctuary, foundation and support is so beautiful. I know what it’s like to be up there on that stage. It’s scary! It’s hard. But they were born for this.”

How do you think Kelly Pickler did as a mentor?

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