Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock Secret Wedding


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Last month on an undisclosed day Kelly Clarkson had a memorable bachelorette party. It was a unique tea party created for adults by the Marvelous Vintage Tea Party Company in Austin, Texas. The style and attire for the party was glamorous clothes and accessories from the 1920's. Flapper dresses and hats were worn as they sipped liquor infused hot cocktails out of beautiful tea pots with a moonshine label and indulged in various sweet treats. Clarkson fans have been guessing as to when and where the wedding would be.  Her wedding license was received and shared with fans, but she only mentioned that she would elope.

Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock were joined in holy matrimony on October 20th, 2013 at the Scenic Blackberry Farms in Tennessee.

Clarkson shared a beautiful wedding video that captures the pristine natural beauty of Tennessee. Her wedding videographer Weiss Eubanks Films created an elegant video capturing a few highlights of the day.


Clarkson was recently on the cover of Billboard Magazine in a stunning red holiday dress. During the interview she discussed the introduction of a soon to be released holiday album entitled, Wrapped in Red.  The production of the album was done by Greg Kurstin, who produced "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)".  Fans are awaiting for the finished product over half a million units available for Target and Amazon through pre-orders.  Clarkson stated, "I've been dying to make a Christmas album," The album has classic songs and provides her the flexibility to add more depth to the music. "I always get asked what genre I'm in: 'Is this country or pop or rock? What are you?'" she says. "And what's cool about making the Christmas album was, 'Oh, there are no limitations! We can do whatever we want!'"

The song Winter Dreams on the upcoming album features a full orchestra was written specifically for Brandon Blackstock. The song Underneath the Tree offers a sneak peak into the Wrapped in Red Album.
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