Kellie Pickler Talks New Album And Idols

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Kellie Pickler has been working hard on her newest album and when she wasn't in the studio recording songs, she was performing them for large crowds.

Pickler recently talked about her new album and the dedication it takes to get one released in a timely manner.

"I'm working on my fifth album. I'm in the whole songwriting and song-picking process. We're in the very early stages of working on it," Pickler said. "It's always great to have new music out -- to freshen up the set list, and it's exciting for the country fans. They are always eager to have new music."

"It's interesting that when you're working on an album, you pretty much live with it for the year that you're working on it. Then you send it off for the copies to be made, and the artwork to be produced and distributed. That takes months. So you've lived with the album for almost a year before anyone hears it. Then, by the time it comes out, you're ready for the next one, because you're sung it a million times -- but not for anyone outside of your circle," she added.

Kellie is just as excited to perform her music live as she is to release her album.

It wasn't very long ago that Kellie was in the crowd watching and listening to some of her favorite singers. She strives to move the crowds she performs in front of the same way she was moved by her idols.

Kellie has even got to meet a few of her idols, including Dolly Parton.

"I'm a big sucker for the classics, and I love me some Dolly Parton. I definitely enjoyed meeting her. She is such a wonderful asset to country music and the music business in general. She's done it all, and is someone you could learn a lot from. Reba McEntire is amazing, too. I've been lucky to meet her several times," she said.

Now that Kellie has been chosen as the Nashville representative for the Starwood Preferred Guest's Hear The Music, See The World Concert Series, she will be spending a lot more time in Nashville and will likely meet more of her idols.

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