Kellie Pickler Sings A Song For Cats

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Kellie Pickler is a self-described crazy cat woman and now she is singing or meowing a song for cats. Pickler is taking a break from her current tour to spend some time raising money for the Food Bank of New York City.

Pickler is asking New Yorkers or anyone visiting the city to stop by a mobile recording studio to record their own version of the Meow Mix theme song. For every person who records the song in the studio, 100 meals will be donated to the Food Bank.

“For those that might need a little encouragement – those that I need to drag into the studio – if they need a little help, I’ll jump in and sing it with them,” Pickler said. “It’s not a really difficult song to learn. There’s one lyric: ‘Meow.’ So you just say that a bunch, and make it your own.”

Pickler said that she has always loved cats and she is happy to combine her love for cats with a good cause.

Shortly after finishing American Idol, Pickler adopted a cat from an animal shelter and had planned to give him a forever home. Unfortunately, her husband had an allergic reaction to the cat and she had to find him a new home.

“It was the husband or the cat,” Pickler said. “But luckily we have a great home for Pickles. He’s actually with friends in North Carolina. He’s on a farm, and he is happy. He’s like Garfield, but a farm cat. But it’s really hard. I can’t see pictures of him or I’ll start crying, and then my husband feels bad.”

“I am that crazy cat lady,” she continued. “If my husband was not allergic to cats, we’d probably have a houseful of cats.”

Although Pickler can't have a cat, she still loves animals and does own a few dogs. She said she has a habit of rescuing other animals as well.

“I’ve rescued several animals,” she said. “My husband never knows when my bus pulls up at the house if a critter’s gonna come crawling off the bus and have to stay with us till we find a home for it. But I’m notorious for trying to find homes for stray dogs or cats or whatever. We’ve taken raccoons, snakes – everything you can think of.”

Pickler said that she hopes animal lovers will be anxious to record the song and that everyone will be willing to have a little fun and raise some money for the charity.

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