Kellie Pickler Keeps Losing Her Clothing

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Kellie Pickler, "American Idol" alum, has been flying under the radar since her stint on the show; while she still sings and tours, she hasn't really been in the news until recently, when she suddenly decided to take off most of her clothes in various photo shoots.

First it was a racy spread in Maxim Magazine, which she graces the cover of, and then it was a video for fellow AI contestant Bucky Covington's "Drinking Side Of Country", which was inspired by The Dukes Of Hazzard. Pickler, of course, plays Daisy Duke.

Most "American Idol" fans remember that when Pickler came back for a cameo on the season after hers, she had some rather large...enhancements in her chest region which weren't there before; it was so noticeable that even Ryan Seacrest couldn't help but make snarky comments in her direction.

Of course, all of this skin-baring could be part of a campaign to draw attention to Pickler's trips to Afghanistan, which she's made over five USO tours with her band and talks about in the upcoming issue of Maxim.


"This past trip we were at Camp Spann in Afghanistan, and there's a little chapel there. It's nothing fancy, but it has a lot of love, and my whole band and I stayed up one night until 3 a.m., picking with the soldiers who played guitar," she said. "We had a picking party. It's kind of like a songwriter round, and people jump up onstage, pick and play whatever they want, and sing their hearts out. It was really cool to do that in a little chapel in Afghanistan."

Looks like Pickler is going to be everywhere soon; for now, check out the video, which Covington did with Shooter Jennings. Random trivia: Shooter's father, Waylon, sang the theme song for the original "Dukes of Hazzard" show.

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