Keke Palmer Strips down For Sexy New Music Video, 'I Don’t Belong To You'

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American singer and actress Lauren Keyana “Keke” Palmer just released a brand new music video for her upcoming album later this year.

The new single, entitled “I Don’t Belong to You” is a black-and-white clip that not only highlights Keke Palmer’s distinct vocals, but also her curves. She is seen wearing bikini, lingerie, or nothing at all for more than half of the video.

The music video starts with Palmer wearing lingerie as she stares at the view outside her beau’s room. She then suits up and leaves her lover, while they visibly engage in an argument.

She returns home, takes a shower in front of the camera, wears a huge fur coat, and prepares for her next destination.

The video ends in a rather surprising turn as Palmer turns up in the doorstep of an equally sexy Cassie, also a singer, actress and model. She slightly opens her fur coat, revealing her lingerie, and there is definitely some romantic undertone as the two go hand in hand inside.

Palmer’s new single is slower in pace compared to other R&B music she has done in the past, as described by J-14.

The Scream Queens mainstay has been too busy acting and modeling in the past few years, and this new single could be an announcement that she’s officially returning to the music industry.

Palmer, 22, announced her new recording contract with one of Universal’s major labels, Island, in August. The single, “I Don’t Belong to You”, will be her first since releasing her last album, So Uncool through Atlantic Records in 2007.

The song writer and TV personality is currently a talk show host for Just Keke, a show that discusses topics about fashion, pop culture, social issues, relationships, and other celebrity news.

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