Keith Urban Feels Very Blessed For Nicole Kidman


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Keith Urban may seem like he has it all. Not only does he having a stunning wife, he also serves as a judge for the number one American music competition American Idol, and has an extremely successful career as a country music superstar.

However, his life hasn't always been full of bliss. During a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Keith opened up about his struggle with substance abuse and how his wife Nicole Kidman helped intervene when he was spiraling out of control.

Urban and Kidman married in 2006, and hit one of the lowest points of their marriage not long after. Shortly after the couple said their nuptials, Keith checked himself into a rehab facility.

"I was very, very blessed to have Nic call an intervention on me. I had a tight group of friends around me for the intervention," Keith revealed. "I didn't give a shit about anything except turning a corner in my life and doing whatever it took for that. And off I went."

Keith's decision to go to a treatment facility fell around the same time as his album Love, Pain & the Whole Crazy Thing was scheduled to be released.

"The first thing that I think about with this record is how everything's about to come undone, not long after this [cover] picture was taken, actually. I'm already in a bit of trouble," Urban explained. "We shot this over in England where Nic was doing something at the time. I think we were mixing [the album] to coincide with her being there."

"I wasn't in any recovery program of any sort. I wasn't in AA. I didn't have a sponsor," he added. "I didn't have anything. Meeting Nic and falling in love with Nic and starting a relationship with Nic became — I realize now in hindsight — my sobriety. That was how I was able to keep it together."

Keith didn't make the decision to go to rehab lightly. He put a lot of thought into it, and then put his whole heart into the treatment program. While in treatment, Keith even won the CMA award for Male Vocalist of the Year, and didn't even realize it. That is how focused he was on getting better.

"I was very ready [for rehab]," Keith said. "I remember having been in rehab a few weeks, and the CMAs happened while I was in there. I forgot they were on. That's how much I had gotten into this recovery."

"I had gone to bed and I remember our night tech coming in and him saying, 'You just won something. Male vocalist? CMAs or something?' And I was like, 'Really?' And he said, 'Yeah, off to bed,' and he shut the door," he explained. "And I said to my roommate, 'Hey, I just won Male Vocalist of the Year,' and he's like, 'That's awesome.' I just lay there in the dark going, 'How weird is this?'"

Since Keith's stint in rehab, his marriage to Nicole has remained stronger than ever. They welcomed their first child Sunday Rose in 2010, and then their second child Faith Margaret in 2012.

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