Katy Perry Won't Check Out Your Instagram Page


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It seems that people are still buzzing about the interview Katy Perry gave GQ magazine for it's February issue, especially the parts about losing her virginity and praying to God for large breasts.

So it's likely that buzz will grow even stronger since GQ released some of her answers that weren't used in the article. For example, Perry said she doesn't like to look at people's Instagram page and gets bothered when she's asked if she's seen a certain photo or not.

"There's too much self-importance in this world," she said.

"God knows, I hate an entitled [expletive]. Like, when people say 'You didn't see my Instagram? No, I didn't see your Instagram. I'm doing something else. I'm living my own life. Send it to me if you want me to see it,'" which is a bit ironic considering Perry posts tons of images on her Instagram account, and it's safe to assume that she expects a lot of people to view them.

Also in the interview, the "Dark Horse" singer said that she loves dating musicians, because they understand what goes on in a musician's mind. Plus, she said the first CD she ever bought was Incubus's "Make Yourself" album in 1999.

"The wonderful thing about dating a musician is that they understand the shoes I'm walking in," she noted. "When both of your first love is music, there's so much that you just don't have to explain. You can save your energy."

Perry also told the story about her Incubus CD breaking in two, after she hid it from her parents. Apparently, she wasn't allowed to listen to secular music back then.

"I brought it home at the bottom of my knapsack, with stuff on top of it," she explained. "My parents never searched my bag, but my mom has got a pretty good intuition and a great connection with God, so I thought she's going to know something's up.

"So I remember going up to my room and I put my comforter in the crack of the door to make it hard to get in. And I opened it up and tried to pull the CD out and it breaks in two like the Ten Commandments, and I was like, 'Maybe this is a sign. I should never be listening to this music.'"

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