Katy Perry Tweets Warnings to Paparazzi About Invading Her Privacy

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Katy Perry has had it with the paparazzi.

On Saturday, the singer tweeted that she was so over the paparazzi and their intrusion into her private life. She made it perfectly clear that she felt photogs had invaded her privacy by snapping pics of her and her family at home.

"Remember internet it's literally ILLEGAL to post pictures of me at my house w/my family that unethical paparazzi have taken on long lenses," Katy Perry tweeted.

The singer also reminded — more like threatened — the media and photographers that publishing photographs taken at home without her consent could be grounds for legal action.

"Any distribution or purchase of these type of photos anywhere is extremely against my will & is an endangerment to me & my family's privacy," Katy Perry wrote in another tweet.

Katy Perry is expected to perform at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards on Sunday, where she is nominated for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for Dark Horse Featuring Juicy J, as well as for Best Album with Prism.

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