Katy Perry Stuffing Her Face While Off Tour

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Katy Perry is off for the Summer. The songstress is taking a break from her grueling touring schedule and taking time for herself.

Katy Perry told Look Magazine, "Right now, I'm off tour for the summer and it's almost like I've entered a food-eating competition which lasts three months! So I'm really enjoying myself."

Just because she is not out there touring doesn't mean her effect is not being felt. No lesser a pop lum inary than Justin Bieber recently told Cosmo that he thought the best summer jam out there was Perry's "Teenage Dream."

When it comes to all that food she might be shoving in her face, Katy Perry is still realistic about it. She knows she will have to come out of her house sometime to face the public and push her music again, even if that house is not a nunnery.

Perry knows just how to keep those pounds off.

"I think a very easy, no money way to stay in shape is to go on wonderful hikes with your girlfriends," Katy Perry revealed. "Which is great because, sometimes, you find you can't keep up with all your friends - you want to spend time with them, so then you're kind of working out and catching up at the same time."

Still, there's nothing quote like touring to keep the fat at bay.

"But my tour definitely keeps me in shape when I'm on one," Perry said.

When it comes to staying in shape, Perry gets by, not only with help from her friends, but with inspiration from some.

"My friend Kate Hudson continues to look fantastic and she's had two kids, but she's very natural, healthy, and she does an alkaline diet," Perry said. "She's very committed and hopefully one day I will be able to be that committed."

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