Katy Perry: Skintight Ballot Dress Hits Election Rallies

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Katy Perry is among a few high-profile musicians lending their support to President Obama, and in the week leading up to election day several voters were surprised by concerts given at re-election rallies. But the real hit wasn't Perry's music, it was her choice of skintight rubber outfits bearing ballots and pro-Obama sentiments.

One outfit was a white mini-dress with her ballot choice on the front; the other, a similarly cut blue number with "Forward" emblazoned down the side with Obama's campaign logo. Of course, Perry is well-known for her wild stage outfits, but these dresses are more about a cause than spectacle.

“Don’t wait; go tomorrow," she told supporters of voting. “How many of you guys are 18 in here? Let’s do this tomorrow.”

Perry says the most important issue for her in this election is equal rights. She was joined at the rallies by Bruce Springsteen and former president Bill Clinton, who has been supportive of President Obama despite early criticism of his policies four years ago. After losing his voice over the weekend in Virginia, he told the audience, "I give my voice in the service of my president.”


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