Katy Perry Keeps Her Fans Talking

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Katy Perry is all the rage these days. Her relationship with John Mayer, who she recently described as her crush, is part of the reason behind the continued discussion about her. Many fans keep wondering, Will they or won't they marry?

Then, there is the recent talk about her new gig with the beauty giant, CoverGirl.

However, much of the interest focuses on her musical career. Fans are clamoring for the release of the fourth album, Prism, which will be the first album released by the pop star since her public divorce from the much-talked-about British comedian Russell Brand. The album also follows the successful 2010 album, Teenage Dream.

Prism is being lauded as a testament to Katy Perry's evolution as a singer where her songs notably express a more mature, vulnerable artist. Katy Perry, herself, best explained the reason behind the shift.

"I went through a lot of experiences in my life that I think built more character. I had to find own self identity the hard way. But I did. I came out alive and stronger, a little bit stronger," Perry said.

Katy Perry went on to say, ""I think what Prism is, is an evolution and a maturity. I think you can hear growth as a songwriter. I hope you can hear the growth as a person. "I'm into different things. It is my most present album so far. I think I am living very consciously right now. I think I am very aware, more aware than I have ever been," Perry said.

The album is about an emotionally-enriching message of letting life into one's life. Katy Perry completed much of the work for the album during the spring and spoke about the factors that led to the reason for the album's underlying message.

"I let a lot of light in my life during the spring of this year, which is when I made most of the record and it influenced my songs in a very positive way. All these beautiful colors of light and love came out and hope and joy and even just fun party songs," Perry said.

[Images Via Katy Perry's Facebook Page]

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