Katy Perry Booed On The Runway. Ouch!


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When Katy Perry referred to herself as a “dark horse” in her new single, she may have been closer to the truth than she realized.

At least she’s an underdog on the runway.

Perry strutted in Moschino's Fall 2014 Show in Milan, Italy on Thursday. She looked well by all accounts. She may have even walked well.

However, late fashion shows rarely make for happy individuals. And reports claim that the show was delayed because Katy Perry wasn’t on time.

So much for being “fashionably late”.

By the time the singer got onto the runway, the impatient photographers were ready to let her have it, jeering and heckling her. As the boos grew louder, Perry is reported as saying, "You're all going to get your picture, so shut the fuck up."

A bit of the tense atmosphere can be heard in this clip from the show:

By the video’s end, it’s clear that Perry’s snappy comeback was appreciated by those on hand to support the 29-year-old pop star.

Aside from the outburst, Perry remained composed, posing fiercely and some clapped and cheered.

Some are saying that even though Perry was late, it was not at all intentional or planned. One source claims the singer may have actually been misinformed as to when she was supposed to be there for the show. Instead of arriving in time for the 8:00 pm show, someone says she may have been told to arrive at 8:55 pm.

Sabotage by a jealous model? It’s anyone’s guess.

Even though Perry found she was anything but ready for the perfect storm that awaited her in Milan, she can look on the positive side. She did have a “show stopping” moment, and she can say that she featured in a major fashion show. That’s something that can never be taken away from her.

Image via YouTube