Katt Williams Sued for Throwing Chairs at a Family After a Show

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Katt Williams is digging in pretty deep lately. Getting busted with Suge Knight was a pretty high-profile problem. But it is not the first time he’s run afoul of the law, and it is not even the most recent of his troubles.

Katt Williams is now being sued by a family in Seattle who say that he threw chairs at them and sent his entourage to run them down.

Back on December 2 of 2012, Williams ran into some problems with the Seattle police when he was accused of being involved in an altercation at a South Lake Union bar after skipping out on a show in town that evening. Williams allegedly brandished a pool cue in the incident. Bystanders also say that he flicked a lit cigarette at a woman and threw a rock at a car. Police say that he struggled with officers at the scene, as well.

The charges were misdemeanors, but an arrest warrant was issued when he failed to appear for court.

The newest lawsuit from the family stems from the same visit to Seattle, but this from the night before. Charles Adams, Domonique Adams-Swanson and her teen child went to the Katt Williams’ show on December 1. Adams is a promoter, and had a backstage pass to meet Williams before the show. After the show, he brought his family up on the stage to meet Williams.

Adams’ lawsuit says Williams posed for several photos with the family, then began swearing at them, even threatening to shoot them.

They say that Williams threw chairs at them and sent his entourage after them when they tried to leave. The family went for medical care after the altercation. The lawsuit does not specify an amount sought, but does seek compensation for injuries and an award for mental anguish.

Williams recently entered a guilty plea over an incident when he pepper-sprayed a man who tried to take his picture near LAX airport. Reportedly, Williams asked the man for his phone, on which he had taken the photo, and the man refused.

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